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A Conspiracy to Love


A Conspiracy to Love
Do you want more love in your life? More respect?
More joy? This book is designed to help the reader
explore paths to personal and transformative power.
It will help the reader determine the necessary
ingredients for love and happiness and allow the
reader to lovingly challenge his/her/their own
unfinished business toward healing one's self and our
larger community. This book is about generosity for
ourselves and all those who cross our paths. It's
about growing consciously through our joys, our fears
and our pain. It's about transformation of each of us,
our culture and our beloved Earth. This book is about
LOVE, about POWER, and a SEA of JOY.
Dive in!

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 About the Author


A social justice educator/activist
and psychologist specializing in post-traumatic stress and
relationship healing, River Smith is past co-chair of the
National Organization for Men Against Sexism. A former
college history instructor, a producer and host of radio and
TV shows focused on love & justice, he is also a nationally
published poet, eco-feminist commentator, columnist and
author of numerous books including Like She is In Him
(2019), The Power Handbook (2014) and with Victor Lee
Lewis and Hugh Vasquez, Lessons from The Color of Fear:
A Teacher's Manual (2007).

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