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Reviews from Past Editions

I read this book once taking notes as suggested by the author. Then, I went back though and really tried to focus on the things I had written down and apply them to my life. It has only been a few days, but already feeling more like a person that I would want to be - happier and in more control of my life. I really feel this book has empowered me to be more direct to get what I want in a positive way - as a woman I feel this is an immensely powerful tool. A great book to have on hand. ~Gina

This book is a great guide to increasing your own joy and happiness. The author asks a lot of questions, and if you work through the book as suggested it can be very helpful. I thought it was kind of like having a therapist guide you through things - the questions don't really give you more information, they are just designed to help you figure out more about yourself and how to approach your life and your issues. The book was very helpful and very encouraging and positive - highly recommended.  ~Nisa

Every so often I come across a book that is truly life changing; this is such a book. There is so much I love about this book; it is easy & enjoyable to read with wisdom & exercises that are easily applied to create more love, happiness, joy and ease in my life. I find myself quoting and applying the lessons in this book with such ease and effectiveness. I love the format of this book; the large & varied print sizes and inspiring quotes that further enrich the generous offerings & experience. I am a life coach & former therapist of 20+ years and a book lover who has read so very many books--believe me when I say this is a true treasure that I will come back to again and again and recommend to others.
NOTE: TRAUMA SURVIVORS: there are trauma stories immediately in the healing section & I encourage you to take care of yourself in the ways that works for you (share with a safe person, therapist, journal etc).  ~KDV

If you are looking for a transformation of your mind and the way you view the world, I encourage you to read this book. Healing of the mind and spirit starts within ourselves. This book is a guide on how to feel better, be better and live better. It’s not just a quick fix, it provides strategies on how to overcome whatever it is that we fear or that we simply need to let go. Because love can be found within and transform our hearts and the hearts of those that we surround ourselves with.


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